22 Feb

I wake up, look up and see the thin trunk of the tree, brown and grey, gracefully reaching up to the sun. Her leaves are pretty like specks of green, shaped like snowflakes frozen to her branches. Rays of sun spark like stars in the night sky – there are a million of them.

In the distance, birds squawk. They are not ordinary at all; even in the distance, I can see they have large red eyes and huge black bodies. They are evil and they are coming straight towards me. I run as fast as I can go to the deepest part of the forest. 

There in the middle of a glade is a huge tree. She stands like a queen at a massive royal party, dressed in a gown of huge ribbons and vines. She is forever frozen with stunning ribbons, red and orange, like someone has painted them on. Her leaves are like magical fairies dancing on her gown.  Around her in a circle, thinner trees stand there looking at her like peasants trying to get her autograph and her guards protect her from them.

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