22 Mar

The pizzeria was flickering lights of colour, with children laughing and squealing. It looked like all the kids were having fun on a sunny Saturday. The air was tight with smoke but then a rush of yummy pizza smells flooded the air. I could smell the melting, runny cheese and the perfect combination of spices and the gooey gloopy tomato paste with it all. I walked through scrumptious aromas, into the office, and asked if I needed to work tonight as a security guard. I felt a slight disappointment when the manager nodded his head.

As I walked out, I saw the kids playing as cutely as puppies sleeping in their beds on a cold day. I asked myself if I could say hello, but my mouth wouldn’t move. It was a dream to see children every day. I knew how it was to be a happy laughing kid. I just wanted the day off so I could have fun too. When I got home, I looked at a photograph of my dad sitting on a park bench with twelve-year-old me, laughing and having a great time. I felt as bad as a man losing his whole family because my Dad died and I was all alone. I got a phone call from my best friend, Cassidy. I wondered what she wanted. The sound of my loud musical phone got to my head; it drowned my thoughts with “Bad Habits” by Steve Lacy.

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