27 Feb

The weather was hot and my ice cream dripped and drizzled through my fingers, the flavours popped in my mouth, chocolate melted down my throat and raspberry exploded on my tongue. Mmmm.

I glanced down the street, suddenly scared. A young woman raced through busy traffic, darting between cars, swooshing past angry drivers, rushing and dashing towards the kerb, trying not to spill her Starbucks coffee. Would she make it to the other side?

Suddenly, her feet skid on a slippery patch, and her coffee sloshed, slopped then soaked her white blouse.  She ignored the honking horns and shouting men and just stood in the middle of the road, crying.

I was sorry to be so ungrateful but a woman was in trouble and I wanted to help her. The ice cream clearly felt rejected, crying tears of chocolate and raspberry all over the rubbish bin.

I quickly wiped my sticky fingers on my white jeans and sprinted down the crowded street. Why wasn’t anyone helping that poor girl? I looked around and noticed motion picture cameras nearby and people watching the girl sobbing. 

A voice yelled, “Cut! It’s a wrap.” 

Suddenly, the girl stopped crying, horns stopped honking and men stopped shouting. Everyone cheered. A boy standing next to me grinning, turned and said, “I have never seen a film being made before.” 

I was delighted that it was a film and not real life. It was worth losing my ice cream to see this spectacle.

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